The amount of fine the court assesses is determined only by the facts and circumstances of the case.  Mitigating circumstances may lower the fine, even if you are guilty.  On the other hand, aggravating circumstances may increase the fine.  The maximum fine for most municipal court traffic violations is $200; for municipal court penal violations -- $500; for certain city ordinance violations -- $1,000; and for other city ordinance violations -- $500.

In addition to a fine, court costs mandated by state law will be charged.  The costs are different depending on the offense.  You need to check with the court for the amount that will be assessed to the violation for which you are charged.  If you request a trial, you may have to also pay the costs of overtime paid to a peace officer spent testifying in the trial.  If you request a jury trial, an additional $3 jury fee is assessed.  If a warrant was served or processed by a peace officer, an additional $50 fee is also assessed.

Court costs are assessed if you are found guilty at trial, if you plead guilty or nolo contendre, if your case is deferred for a driving safety course or if your case is deferred and you are placed on probation.  If you are found not guilty, court costs cannot be assessed.

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