The City of Richwood Food Service Health Inspection program's role is to carry out a city-wide program for food safety; to promote health and to prevent food-borne disease through education and regulation.  This system is designed to work in partnership with the people who make the day to day decisions that actually determine food safety - the owners, operators and employees of all food service establishments.

Routine health inspections address safe food handling practices and sanitation.  Each year, a food establishment will receive two unannounced routine inspections by the inspector.  The number of inspections made each year is based on the risk factors of the establishment and the establishment's sanitation history.  The more hazards identified at a food establishment, the more inspections it will receive.

A completed inspection report form is a public document maintained by the inspection officer and shall be made available for public disclosure to any person who requests it according to law.  Food Establishments do not have to post the health inspection report, but must have a sign stating "Most recent health inspection report is available upon request".

A Certified Food Protection Manager must be employed by each food establishment.  Beginning September 1, 2016 all food employees are required to successfully complete a Food Handler Training Course.

Adult/child care facilities with 13 or greater clients shall make certain that at least one Certified Food Protection Manager is on duty during all hours of operation.

You can find the latest City of Richwood Food Establishment Inspection scores by clicking the link below.

Health Inspection Scores