The City Secretary is designated as the City's Officer of Public Records for release of records in compliance with the Public Information Act. City Department Heads are also designated as agents of the Officer of Public Records and are authorized to release their Department'srecords in accordance with the Public Information Act.

A Public Information Request form is made available below for submitting requests, but is not required.

All requests for public information must be in writing.
A written request should:

  •  reasonably identify the records needed/requested;
  •  include mailing address, phone number, or other means to contact you.

Please submit written requests for City documents:

By mail:
Giani Cantu, City Secretary
Open Records Request
1800 N. Brazosport Blvd.
Richwood, TX 77531

In person:
City Secretary’s Office
1800 N. Brazosport Blvd.
Richwood, TX 77531

By fax: 979-265-7345
By email: Giani Cantu, City Secretary


Charges are calculated in accordance with General Services Commission provisions. Standard paper copies are $.10 per page for requests totaling 50 or less. If the request results in more than 50 copies or the record is located in more than one building or is located in a remote storage facility, a city representative will contact you with the estimated costs.

In accordance with the Public Information Act, records will be provided within 10 working days, unless considered confidential by law.

Office of the Attorney General. The Texas Public Information Handbook, which provides information about the Public Information Act is available from the Attorney General's office. The toll free Texas Attorney General Open Government Hotline is 877-OPEN-TEX or 877-673-6839.