The Texas Legislature established the street maintenance sales tax in 2001.  The purpose is to provide funds that are necessary for repairing existing streets.   The tax code allows cities to adopt a local sales tax rate up to ¼ of one percent to be fully dedicated to the maintenance and repair of existing streets.

The sales tax is adopted by an election in the city every 4 years.   Each election held is for the purpose to reauthorize the sales tax for the next 4 years.

During the past 12 years, the City has funded the Street Improvement Program though the ¼ of one percent cent sales tax approved by the voters in 2003.   Since December, 2003, the street maintenance sales tax has generated over $611,561.18.   The City has used that money to rehabilitate and/or overlay streets throughout the city.

From January 2011 to September, 2014, the city has improved Walnut, N. Mahan, Moore St. Oakwood Shores Drive, 700 block of W. Mahan, and the west side of Audubonwoods Dr.  Every dollar generated is invested in improving city streets and by working with Brazoria County, we are able to make your tax dollars stretch even further.

The intent of the improvements is to provide safer driving conditions and extend the service life of our streets.